Beginners Guide To App Development

  1. Money is Good — Application developers are very high in demand. They usually earn around $72,000 a year. This is much higher than web developers who earn a mere $58,000 annually. The increased income can be attributed to the high demand for this skill and low supply. However, it is always suggested never to learn anything solely for the money as it might make you prone to greed and compromise on quality.
  2. Ever-Increasing Smartphone Users — The number of people who use a smartphone has constantly been on the rise. This rise has not been linear rather exponential. It is reported that almost half of the world uses a smartphone which is increasing market penetration at an unprecedented rate. This translates into more applications, functionalities, and dependence on mobile. Over 45 million applications are downloaded every week. People spend more time using applications than they do browsing the internet.
  3. Supply Demand Ratio — According to StackOverflow, iOS and android development are two of the top three areas with the highest supply-demand disparity ratio. The demand for these skills is very high whereas the demand is extremely low.
  4. Selling Applications — You also have the opportunity to develop your own application and deploy it on the PlayStore and generate a revenue stream. A good idea, design, and execution can take you an application to the next level where the sky is the only limit. All you need is a PlayStore developer account to achieve this feat.
  5. Opportunity to Learn — With mobile development, you will be part of a community that is new but constantly evolving. The learning experience will be a pleasurable one and you will always find something to work on. The community is quite warm, welcoming, and open.

Guideline For Becoming a Mobile Developer

  • You might be a web developer who is now looking for broadening the horizon in the application domain. If this is the case, you will find many useful platforms which shall help you with the transition. Two very popular platforms generally used are Appcelerator and titanium.
  • You might not have any programming background whatsoever but you have a very basic grip on how the paradigm of object-oriented programming works. If this is your case, then you might find it very easy to learn how a mobile application is developed.
  • The third scenario is that you are an absolute beginner. In this case, it will be very helpful to do a basic introductory course from online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, etc. Many courses are available for free. YouTube also has many freely available resources. Many guided projects are also available nowadays with a side by guide on how to build an entire project out of scratch.
  • Develop an Idea
  • Consider The Details
  • Hiring Required People or Collaborating
  • Testing




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